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Product Management

  • Managed the release of websites and apps for over 50 projects 

  • Managed complete product lifecycle including the creation of Backlogs and user-stories as the product owner and overlooked sprints as the feature teams were working on new solutions and releases. 

  • Communicated effectively with SCRUM masters and product teams as well as designers, users and business owners to find the most suitable product design and functionality for end-users. 

  • Familiar with SCRUM (certified product owner), Kanban as well as waterfall methodology and many more.

Account- and Project Management

  • Managed the digital content (release) of over 50 international publishers in the US, Canada, the Philippines, Austria, Australia, Germany, and the UK

  • Managed complete launch (product-2-market)  of products for online content for over 30 companies

  • Overlooked and analyzed the key performance of each project and created monthly reports

  • Measured ROI on campaigns and performances of HTML5 sites by measuring usage and revenue on each project for the business partners

  • Presented software functionality and leading discussions for process optimization and implemention over the phone and on video conference calls

  • Established and measured KPI's and communicated the teams performance to senior executives 

  • Monitored the revenue and collections for over 50 projects at a time 

  • Created marketing material and initiatives with and for the B2B operations

  • Created new revenue streams and mockups of revenue increasing campaigns for publishers and internal shareholders

  • Created landing pages, HTML5 designs including JavaScript and CSS with the focus of driving customer engagement and optimizing the subscription store (e-commerce) for the client to grow their online revenue

  • Optimized the platform and software by initiating the development process with backlogs, communicating to different shareholders including developers and product managers or clients and eventually getting buy-in from decision makers

  • Developed strategy and a mock-up for the introduction of webinars. Presented a content strategy

  • Implemented SEO strategies for several publishers and clients of my own business

  • Generated potential leads and performed market research to attract new business or introduce the product to new clients

Digital Marketing

  • Managed and arranging  visual and written content for the Inbound Marketing team

  • Created sales funnel strategy and process implementations for sales and service teams

  • Managed the marketing content calendar and timelines for projects and overall strategy and annual goals

  • Overlooked and analyzing the performance of Inbound Marketing, including creating monthly reports

  • Measured ROI on campaigns and events for executives,

  • Wrote over 100 blog posts including event announcements, feature releases, team introductions, etc.

  • Publishing to social media

  • Monitoring industry blog posts and PR efforts

  • Overlooked a team of designers, content writers and event staff to meet due dates and releases

  • Managed webinar content strategy calendar

  • Imported event lists into HubSpot and initiated customer follow-ups through CMS

  • Created landing pages and measured CPS's and SEO

  • Created forms and workflows in HubSpot to discover potential prospects and segment data into MQLs, SQLs and prepared for appropriate customer sales journey

Marketing and Events

  • Coordinating Sales and Marketing efforts to improve sales campaigns and increase ROI's (including data research, analysis and integration optimization)

  • Software integration – proficiently worked in One-Eighty, Reynolds, ISPA, Infobahn and REX to ensure a clean synchronization and avoid duplications of data

  • Created premium customer relationships and relationships with subordinates

  • Analyzed database information to provide profitable email contact lists for different campaigns of luxury brand clients and to determine sales prospects

  • Marketing and sales demand generation and campaigns with the use of CRM & CMS software (CDK's One-Eighty) to manage marketing campaigns for luxury car dealerships (BMW/Mini). 

  • Ran a total of over 1000 email campaigns and targeted millions of clients, with the successful adaption to CASL (certified) and GDPR.

  • Specialized in data synchronization between DMS system and CRM system to help dealerships slash data administration costs by more than 40 % and free up server space (eliminate virtual waste like duplicates) by more than 50 %

  • Planned and executed a golf tournament with over 100 participants at a local golf club to foster relationships with loyal customers

  • Planned and executed a christmas party with a team of 5 for over 150 attendees (including finding and negotiating budget for a venue, MC'ing throughout parts of the event)


Data Technician

  • Prepared multiple dealership sales events with internal and external stakeholders (as the AM)

  • Data cleaning and analyzing - handled dealer sales, service and F&I records to assist in preparation of AR’s direct mail and other marketing programs

  • Remotely accessed dealerships servers and reports in DMS and acquired databases (in Canada and Germany)

  • Contacted and consulted with dealerships to help receive the dealerships database information and to resolve data issues as required

  • Actively communicated with internal and external stakeholders about dealerships data

  • Ensured proper record keeping for dealerships and kept up to date with privacy legislations such as CASL


Database Administration


  • Coordinated Sales and Marketing to improve sales campaigns and increase ROI

  • Software integration – Proficiently worked in One-Eighty, Reynolds, ISPA, Infobahn and REX to ensure a clean synchronization and avoid duplications of data

  • Created premium customer relationships and relationships with subordinates

  • Analyzed database information to provide profitable email contact lists for different campaigns of luxury brand clients and sales prospects


Communication and Presentation

  • Consultation of business partners in regards to new market trends and product developments that could help increase their revenue

  • Presented product functionalities (of a digital software product) in person and on video calls

  • Presented projects to students and management during the issuance of licenses to professional trainers, using state of the art audiovisual technology

  • Effectively guided and managed student groups to achieve effective presenting skills for their education program

  • Reported for a local newspaper including professional interviews with individuals from all walks of life

Financial Auditing and Risk Analysis


  • Analyzed economic conditions, business trends, and market potentials to enhance the sale of a released product for the marketing and sales department of a publishing house to forecast paid circulation sales and calculate marketing related profit

  • Provided detailed financial analysis for case studies with companies such as Daimler AG, Goldman Sachs, Harley Davidson Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National Railway, Safeway and several start-up companies

  • Analyzed several target markets in theory and practice based on demographics and buying behaviour to create exploitable customer clientele to advertise more effectively and powerful

  • Researched for projects at the international NGO LobbyControl and Transparency International with regards to widespread corruption in European governments



Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn, Instagram, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office (more than 15 years)

CRM Software


  • HubSpot (Completion of Inbound Certificate)

  • One-Eighty (CDK)

  • Salesforce

  • Reynolds&Reynolds

Other Demonstrated Skills

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), Completion of TCPS 2 Course, Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, VIU Alumni: Finance Major, Experience in creating & hosting own websites with software like Weebly and Wix, Completion of W3School SQL Server Query Tuning (80%), 3 years of Adobe Photoshop experience, BA in International Journalism, volunteered in swim sports (1 social year), professional data administrator, business professional (10 years in marketing and sales, Germany & Canada)

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