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I am a a certified Agile Practitioner, experienced Account- and Project Manager with a background in building IT Products, delivering servant leadership to cross-functional teams. I provide strong stakeholder management and driven by the excitement for problem solving and looking for new challenges in business processes, and with online products. I adapt fast, learn quick, and enjoy find solutions if I encounter an impediment. I seek the opportunity to bring my expertise to a professional, open-minded team  that invites change and integrates new approaches to stand out in building sustainable customer relationships. I am excited to network and help enterprise clients to exceed targets by consulting C-level leaders, help create roadmaps, requirements and build teams for them, so they can optimize their processes and introduce software updates that work well.


I am looking to work for a team that values sharing ideas, offers transparency and leads with compassion. A team with an open door policy that likes to include others. Fairness, mutual respect and security are important to me.

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