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Key Accomplishments & Experience

  • Facilitated scaled Agile and Scrum events, resulting in a streamlined delivery process and successful product releases

  • Utilized Jira and Confluence to track team progress, identify bottlenecks, impediments or roadblocks, and remove them, to create  the efficient collaboration of team members and gain back productivity for the success of the sprints

  • Collaborated wth Product Managers and Solution Architects, the developers and designers to prioritize features, create user stories, refine the backlogs and update requirements resulting in a well aligned roadmap for the project team

  • Managed cross-team dependancies to ensure timely release of completed features, resulting in added value for the customer and eventually more successful product launches

  • Managed and tracked deliverables, resulting in timely and high-quality project completions

  • Communicated effectively and regularly with all internal and external stakeholders to identify risks, roadblocks and manage expectations, to ensure the satisfaction of C-Level executives, investors, stakeholders, users, and therefore success of the project

  • 15 years of professional business experience in Germany and Canada, including project- and account managing, reporting, digital marketing, budget planning and ROI measures, digital content management and client support in fast paced industries such as IT, Software and automotive.

  • 6+ years of data analysis and forecasts, revenue analysis and strategic planning. Prepared events and managed teams.

  • 5 years of market research and analysis, SEO, marketing strategy and financial analysis, worked in all departments in a publishing house, prepared and presented trends to senior management and stakeholders.

  • 5+ years work experience with CRM & CMS Software like Salesforce and One-Eighty, Adobe Experience Manager, Wix and Wordpress, Kenitco, Sitecore, Oxid, Salesforce, Shopware, HubSpot.

  • 2+  years experience with Web Service Integrations like Piano and Newscycle, Data Synchronization, DMS experience with Reynolds&Reynolds, highly sufficient use of MicrosoftOffice products, Microsoft Sharepoint, TFS and Documentation Software

  • Extensive use of software like Google Workspace, Google Analytics, Asana,  Basecamp and Trello, Atlassian Jira (onprem and cloud version), Confluence, Tempo (time tracking and capacity planning), Forecast (team planning), Harvest (time tracking), Miro (stakeholder engagement meetings)

  • Knowledge in MSP Software, UI/UX practices and tools, DevOps and common programming languages such as .NET, HTML, CSS, and others

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